A Sense of Faith

The twelfth and final chapter of The Artist’s Way is so rich and full it is difficult to sum it all up. Here are a few tidbits from each section.

Faith is the underpinning of creativity, and faith requires loosening our death grip on control. That is a frightening proposition. But look around you. Take a close look at your life and you will discover that control is an illusion. The effort it takes to maintain this illusion often creates confusion, anxiety, and depression.

Let go. Trust yourself, your own inner voice. Have faith in the Source of that “still, small voice” of inspiration. Try using these affirmations to bolster your confidence: “I know the things I know.” “I trust my own inner guide.”

“Creativity–like human life itself–begins in darkness.” (p. 194) Inspiration often seems like it comes in a flash of light, but in reality ideas have been swirling around under the surface, in the “delicious dark,” gestating until they are ready to see the light of day. Trust the darkness.

“So you see, imagination needs moodling–long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.” Brenda Ueland (p. 22)

This “moodling,” or mulling on the page, in Morning Pages can at times seem pointless. Have faith in the process.

Escape Velocity
Escape velocity is a term Cameron uses to describe that point in time when you are ready to launch into a new realm. Whether it’s leaving behind a bad relationship, a stifling job, or old, unproductive patterns, you’ve built yourself up, you’ve prepared, you’re ready to go. Then…bam. Something–or someone–throws you off course.

This is the story of my last few weeks. I was flying high, excited about the growth I’ve experienced through The Artist’s Way process, planning new creative adventures for the new year, posting a weekly blog. Then came “The Test.”

The busyness and increased expectations of the holidays, which I wrote about in my last post. A sick elderly parent needs extra help. My own physical limitations and mood swings slow me down. These are all a normal part of my life at this point. I’m learning to ride the ebbs and flows and trust my resolve to pass those tests in whatever form they take.

What are the tests you encounter when you reach “escape velocity”?


“One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.” André Gide

Go forth, brave souls, and create! You will make the world a better place.


4 thoughts on “A Sense of Faith

  1. I like this blog, Patti. It makes a lot of sense to me. As you know I spent the end of 2015 moving to a new house. Now we are in the house and things have slowed down I am feeling that shift from escape velocity to idling and not having a clear sense of direction. I too have “tests” that have arisen to detract me from my goals. I have been working with my morning pages to try and clear the path. It is never easy to juggle all we have to do in life but I think you are a great example of someone who has made great progress with sheer determination and sometimes that is what is necessary. Just don’t lose sight of the path. And spend a couple of hours a day moodling…

    • Thanks, Candy. That is really encouraging. Good use of the morning pages, too. I find that, even when they seem meandering and pointless, writing them will eventually clear the way. “Moodling”–on the page, or during a walk, or while doing the dishes–is a creative necessity.

  2. Your shared chapter by chapter insight has been appreciated and raises ones awareness when applied to every day life events. Thank you for your effort and may you enjoy an interesting new year for your writing.We love you,Fran and Hank…..

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