Creative Breath

A few years ago while listening to Native American flute music, I realized that, with headphones on I could hear every breath between the notes. At first it seemed to detract from the melody. But the longer I listened, the more the breath sounds became part of the music.

It occurred to me that we each have something that gives breath to our creativity, something that powers our art.


Breathing new life into my art

I have long been fascinated with this particular instrument and often listen to it while I write. So last week I finally bought myself a Native American flute. Exquisitely hand crafted from cedar, it is a work of art in itself.

The simplicity of the design makes it relatively easy for even an amateur like me to play. From the haunting sound of the low notes to the joyful flight of the highs, it centers me and lifts me up.

This type of flute is one of the oldest instruments known to man, along with the rattle and drum. It was used to imitate the sounds of nature, primarily birds.


I am not a musician, but I believe that creativity thrives on experimentation. Are you a writer? Pick up a paintbrush or a camera. Are you a painter? Write a poem. If you are right-handed, try sketching with your left hand or vice versa (a technique used in art therapy).

Breathe new life into your art.

I was surprised to learn while playing this flute that the higher the note, the more breath that’s required. The highs are closest to the source, and yet more strength is required to reach them.

What is the breath that powers your creativity? What have you tried in order to increase that force flowing through you, reaching for the higher notes?

7 thoughts on “Creative Breath

  1. I’m learning to play the ukulele. I also sew, knit, crochet and needle felt. I do go through periods of not making time for my creative outlets. Thank you so much for the reminder! Making time to let your brain flex a different muscle helps support other activities you do and it keeps you healthy.

    Can’t wait to jam with you!

    • Thanks, Jill. Your talents are so much more diverse than mine. I tend to keep a narrow focus on writing, but the flute is helping me expand my horizons. Or flex different muscles, as you put it.

      Can’t wait to hear what the ukulele and flute sound like together.

  2. Maybe the two of you could book a gig! I do not experiment at all. I have Mandala books and assorted colored pens lying around my office. I have many cool cd’s offering all types of creative outlets. Not certain what keeps me stuck. I know I still listen to the inner critic that tells me to color within the lines. Perhaps I ought to pull out the cd on meditation and will the inner critic into non-existence or embrace the inner critic or whatever. I know I need to do SOMETHING. Thanks for this post. It has me thinking, if nothing else!

      • Yeah, get yourself a nice set of the big crayola crayons (the kind for the really little kids) and scribble on those intricate mandalas. As Patty said, screw the lines!

  3. Patty-glad to hear you are expanding your horizons. I can hear and visualize you and Rich as a duet. Seriously tho I think its great to try new things. We cannot wait to hear you play. Love you!!!

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