Creative Light Services

What is Creative Light Services?
Creative Light Services (CLS) is a coaching service dedicated to lighting up the world, one creative spirit at a time. As a writer, teacher, and creativity coach, I believe we all have a creative spark within us that is often dimmed by doubt, fear, or the pull of everyday demands. My passion is working with writers, visual artists, and anyone seeking to live a more creative life.

As a creativity coach, I enable clients to rediscover the artist within, identify and overcome blocks so they can put perfectionism aside and just start, learn by doing, develop a practice, set goals and reach them.

Email me at or call 484-300-2594 for information.

What is Creativity Coaching?
Creativity coaching is a working relationship where, in a spirit of collaboration, Coach and Client commit to following through on specific actions in support of the Client’s creative goals and aspirations. Together we craft an atmosphere of safety and trust where you, the Client, can dig deep into your creative nature, discover and reignite creative dreams, old and new. With gentle, intuitive nurturing—and some kind nudging—I, as Coach, will help you uncover and utilize your strengths. Through intensive listening, stimulating questions, and discovery assignments I will partner with you in setting and reaching your creative goals.