3d-tlu-book-cover-standingThe Life Unexpected: An Anthology of Stories and Poems
I was thrilled to be a contributing editor for this collaboration between Just Write and the Women’s Writing Circle, two Philadelphia area writing groups. My memoir piece, My Father’s Daughter explores the challenges and rewards of caring for an elderly parent. This collection of memoir and fiction explores the twists and turns of life through the eyes of sixteen women authors. [buy this book]

Praise for The Life Unexpected:

“An inspiring and diverse collection about life’s surprises and revelations along the journey of ‘the life unexpected.’ Each story and poem offers a new way of looking at the world, told from many perspectives. The Life Unexpected is a creative treasure of women’s voices and stories. ~Cathleen O’Connor PHD, author 365 Days of Angel Prayers


Slants of Light cover imageSlants of Light: Stories and Poems From the Women’s Writing Circle
My memoir Legacy of a Childless Woman is featured in this unique anthology. Created by fifteen writers from the Philadelphia area, the collection spans fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Part memoir, part meditation, Slants of Light: Stories and Poems From the Women’s Writing Circle reflects the voices of women and their challenging and changing roles in society. Five unique pen and ink illustrations created by illustrator and artist Jane Choc of Downingtown, PA are included in the book, which has been independently published.  [buy this book]

Praise for Slants of Light:

“I believe this collection of stories will touch every woman’s heart. Like joining a friend with a cup of coffee, there’s a sense of connectedness throughout the writings which drew me in and kept me reading more.” — Lisa Tomarelli

“A stunning collection of stand-alone stories and poems that sing out in harmony to touch a universal chord about life. Collectively, these stories offer an overall message of hope, healing and resilience.” — Kathleen Pooler

“While each story and poem is able to stand on its own, I was struck by how the collaborative aspect of the book added to its richness and literary power. It is an example of how we can all gain strength by sharing our struggles, our triumphs, our stories.” — Rae Theodore

Leaving Home — a novel in progress
Mary Ann Davis hasn’t left her house in three years. What tragedy has caused her to withdraw from the world, and what—or whom—will it take to bring her out? Jack Reynolds is running from a secret. He’s left home to clear his head and figure out his next move. When a common goal brings them together, they discover a connection deeper than attraction, deeper even than love. Will it be strong enough to overcome the obstacles that separate them?