Facing Fear

My home page boldly proclaims that my philosophy as a writer is “Just Write.” Don’t listen to that inner editor that puts a choke hold on your voice as you try to write. Well, folks, I have a secret: I’m a fraud. When it comes to writing a simple blog, I am beset with anxiety and insecurity and a powerful urge to run and hide. Is there such a thing as cyber agoraphobia?

John Milton said, “A good book is the precious life blood of a master spirit.” I don’t know that I’m a master spirit, but I do pour myself into my writing. Even a simple blog leaves a pinprick of blood on the page. Which probably explains the fear of sending those pieces of me out into the universe for anyone and everyone to see and judge.

My friend, Myra, always says, “You have to face your fears!”

And so, here goes…I created this website to introduce myself to the world as a writer and to connect with readers and fellow writers. Conventional wisdom says that you have to create a “brand,” but I don’t want to be a brand; I just want to be me.

So I will blog about writing, and teaching, and overeating, and cats. Fears and frustrations; triumphs and truths. And I hope that my words will reach out and strike a spark in you to face your fears and Just Write.

And yet, blogging is so pervasive these days that I wonder if I’m alone in my trepidation. Do you blog? Do you struggle with it as I do, or does it come easily to you?