Refreshed and Excited
“I had the privilege of attending the last writers’ retreat run by Patty Kline-Capaldo. The retreat was well-organized, providing the perfect mix of structured writing time and unscheduled time for writing, reflection and socializing with other participants. I came home refreshed and excited about my writing.” Rae Theodore~Author, Leaving Normal: Adventures in Gender

Serenity and a Sense of Balance
“Our first retreat was a hit. The availability of writing workshops, private writing time, a variety of creative outlets to choose from, and a serene outdoor setting contributed to a sense of balance. There’s also something about gathering as a group to break bread together that seems to strengthen an already loyal bond between writers.” Terri Kiral~

Safe Space
“The humble way you simply create safe places for writers to tap into their creative selves is a sweet gift.” Lisa Tomarelli~ http://gainfaithloseweight.blogspot.com

Grateful for Guidance
Thanks again for all you do for the group. Your insight is invaluable. Your guidance has already made me a better writer and I am so grateful!
— Julie

Just the Push I Needed
You are providing a tremendous service for so many people. I’ve always known intellectually that I’m a good writer but have never had the confidence to write creatively (even though writing a book is something that I’ve dreamt of doing since I was a small child.) This group has given me the push — and confidence — that I’ve needed to write. So thank you for all of your efforts.
— Rae

Memoir Workshop
Attended Patty Kline-Capaldo’s workshop in memoir in Collegeville this am and met a lovely talented group of women. Patty was gentle and wise in her teaching.
— Carole Mallory

Courageous Writing
Appreciated your efforts in bringing us writers together again today. You are courageous in your writing, too, which inspires the rest of us.
— Lisa